4 Benefits Of Applying To The Motability Scheme

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If you are a disabled person, then you may have heard about the Motability scheme. It basically allows you to obtain a transportation of your choice by using your mobility allowances provided by the government.

And though many people believe that the scheme mainly covers the acquisition of powered wheelchairs, it is simply not true. You can also get a scooter or a car if you apply and become eligible for the scheme. So, if you are a disabled person who always wanted a car instead of having to use the wheelchair, you should definitely get in touch with a Motability dealer.  In addition, the scheme also offers the following benefits.

4 Benefits Of Applying To The Motability Scheme

No Driving Knowledge Required

Yes. You read that right. You don’t need to show any driving knowledge to get a car. You can just apply for the vehicle and designate two people as car drivers. They can be anyone – your family, friends, co-workers etc. There is also an option to add a third driver, but that will cost you extra. So, if you are disabled and your family does not own a car, the Motability scheme offers a good way to get a car for the home.

Full Insurance

Your car will be fully insured by RSA Motability. Any damage met by the car, whether it be by accident, fire etc will be covered by the policy. And if you are not able to use the car because of the damage, the insurance company will offer you a courtesy vehicle. In-car equipment and a few needed modifications are also covered under the insurance. A personal accident cover is also included. And as a bonus, the insurance will also be applicable even if you take the car out of Britain, into the European Union (EU).

Free Servicing

The scheme also covers most of the repair and maintenance costs that your vehicle might incur during its use. When a car needs servicing, you can take it to your assigned dealer, and they will do the routine maintenance for free. Checks for engine cooling system, tyre tread, windscreen washer, tyre pressure, engine oil etc are included in the package. The plan also covers Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

Breakdown Assistance

You are also eligible for free breakdown assistance.  If your vehicle stops in the middle of the road, just call RAC Motability Assist at their number and a technician will be at your spot within 40 minutes. The service is available 24 hours a day, all through the year. They can also provide you with a replacement car so that you can get to your destination without any worries.  And if the breakdown happens at night and the technician is unable to fix the vehicle on the spot, you may also be eligible for free overnight accommodation.

Considering all the above benefits, it should be easy to see why joining the Motability scheme is in your best interest and is one of the most sensible decision you can make, especially if you are already looking to buy a car.

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