4 Of The Hottest Online Learning Tools For Entrepreneurs

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The Internet has really democratized business and leveled the playing field in a way that most people never would have thought possible.

Today, it’s possible to create a truly global business – reaching billions of people on a 24/7 basis – with nothing more than about $50, a cheap laptop, and an active online connection. The old walls and barriers to building a business have crumbled by the wayside, and more entrepreneurs are getting in on the action than ever before.

4 Of The Hottest Online Learning Tools For Entrepreneurs

This is great news, as it creates a tremendous amount of opportunity for those that want to build their financial future. At the same time, however, that means the business world is more competitive than it’s ever been before and you’ll need to take advantage of online learning tools for entrepreneurs as best you can to gain that edge and leverage you need to compete and succeed.

Live video conference/webinar training programs

Live video conferences and webinar based training programs are incredibly popular these days, and a number of different companies and organizations – like Creative Live and like TED, for example – offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn so much about the world of business that wouldn’t have been available previously that it’s almost insane to believe that most of this information is available 100% free of charge.

Personality-driven business training programs

World-class entrepreneurs also routinely offer their own personal business training programs, though they are often considerably more expensive than 100% free. Different entrepreneurs – Tim Ferriss, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, and others – offer specific programs designed to help people get their business up and running order to help folks with their marketing. These programs are delivered digitally most of the time and are tremendously valuable.

YouTube channels created by entrepreneurs

YouTube used to be a place where people would upload their funny home videos, clips that they collected on their smartphones or their video cameras, and basically a place that people use to go to kill a bunch of time.

And while those kinds of videos definitely still exist on YouTube today, this platform has become very much more focused on premium content while still remaining 100% free of charge. There is most likely a YouTube video out there about doing anything you can imagine, many of them produced with the same kind of quality you expect from a top-notch television program.

YouTube is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs looking to gain an edge today.

Online forums for your industry or your trade

Finally, you don’t want to sleep on all of the opportunity and inside information that online forums for your industry, your trade, or your market may provide.

You’ll want to become as active a member in these kinds of forums as you possibly can, really taking advantage of the knowledge available but also asking – or answering – as many questions on the form as you possibly can. There’s a lot of power in this kind of collaboration, and you’ll be surprised at just how much game-changing information is available when you start to build relationships with people on these digital communities.

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