Get the Best Out of Your Advertising Banners

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Sizing up advertising can sometimes be a rather tough gig, particularly when there are several other factors at play in starting your business or bettering your current one. If, for instance, you are at a local sports club – and you are eager to generate some passive income from banner advertising, then what factors should you consider when doing this? You might not have a lot of money to spend, but you can be really clever what cash you do have at hand – and the areas, positioning, and resources available to your ambitious ideas about generating extra income for your local community club.

Get the Best Out of Your Advertising Banners


Well, if your area is small, then you can’t exactly put in an oversized billboard that is literally and figuratively going to overshadow everything else in its wake. Have a look at the banner signs Melbourne and other areas in Australia – and other countries – have to show for themselves. These examples should help you go a long way in deciding exactly what it is you want to do for yourself and your club – and, of course, its members. It is just the right thing to do – to seek the input and advice others around your neighborhood bring to the proverbial table.


While you might have to oblige brand and corporate identity, you will always need to offer some color to the banners – even if those hues are just black and white or shades thereof. Some local examples are the blue and yellow boasted by a community cricket club, but international ideas can be found in the orange and green of some football brands. If not those two, then three or four others will show you exactly what counts and what doesn’t when it comes to the colors required or the colors that are really untoward and rather avoided.


Whether it is facing the road, getting the eyeballs from high traffic areas, or inward facing and only really looking at most or some part of the foot traffic – these elements all have their own benefits and downfalls. The important thing is to really seek that balance – and look deep into the integrity of the placement. For goodness sake, don’t put it behind a tree and expect it to catch the eyes of anything else than a squirrel. Find the most prominent and feasible – and lawful – position and then use that. Ask around and look around and hear and see what others are doing – and then take their example or examples.


Consider doing the advertising banner in the right material that is resistant to bad weather and also resilient in the face of bright sunshine. If it is pouring with rain, then wood is going to get badly weathered. If it is cheap and thin plastic, then sun is going to break that soon enough. Make sure it is steadfast on the ground too, erected to withstand strong winds and other storm-related elements. You want it standing for long periods of time, and able to catch the glance of as many people on the market as possible.

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