How to Choose the Right Ice Maker

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Imagine walking into a highly-recommended restaurant, looking forward to the meal you are about to eat, ordering your drink, and then being served your beverage without any ice. Cold refreshing beverages are a must-have for any restaurant looking to impress clients. For this reason, you cannot fail to invest in a commercial ice maker, a piece of machinery that many first-time restaurant owners forget to consider.

Right Ice Maker

With some notable exceptions such as hot tea and beer, drinks do not feel right unless they come with ice. With “iced tea,” the requirement is right there in the name and you could hardly expect a guest not to be frustrated if you cannot offer him or her ice. Australia is a continent famous for its long and harsh summers with temperatures pushing 30 degrees by eight in the morning.

If you run a restaurant, bar, cafeteria, or any other type of business serving food and drink, a commercial ice maker is an absolute necessity. That said, it is not as easy as choosing just any ice making machine that you come across. You might be surprised to learn just how many options there are and all the factors that you must consider to find the best ice maker for your unique needs.


First and foremost, you must determine how much ice you need to have at any given time. If you choose an option that is too small, you may end up running out of ice faster than the machine can replenish it. If you choose a model that is far too large, you not only waste precious kitchen space but you also end up spending too much on energy and water. Old ice must also be removed from the machine for health and safety reasons, and cleaning your machine of old ice multiple times a week can quickly add up to hours of wasted time. Therefore, you must be sure to carefully measure your available space and take careful consideration in regard to the number of people you serve on your busiest days.


Self-contained machines include both the ice maker and the container for storing the ice in one unit. These are larger and produce more ice than your typical consumer models but they are also smaller than modular machines. These also come in both under-counter and countertop configurations and they are simpler to fit into tight spaces than modular ice machines.

If you need something not quite as large as a modular machine, this is your best option. These do not make as much ice and offer smaller storage space, but this might be exactly what you need for your unique business. Smaller pubs, cafes, and restaurants often utilize this option to allow more space in the kitchen without the worry of running low on ice. However, larger cafeterias or restaurants should look into modular machines instead to account for the heavier foot traffic on busy days. The more that you take into account when buying your machine, the better it will fit into your needs without any worries about replacements or failures in the future.

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