Need Fixtures and Fittings? The Online Trade Supplier Has you Covered

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Whether you are a local builder or a DIY enthusiast, it can be troublesome sourcing the right fixtures and fittings, and might even involve a few trips to the hardware sure before you eventually find what you are looking for.

Online commerce has been growing steadily for the past decade, which suggests that e-commerce will soon be the most popular way to buy and sell products, and it isn’t limited to the general public, with many businesses ordering products and services online. For the small builder, there are several ways in which he can make good use of the Internet, one of which is the fixtures and fittings required towards the finishing stages of a project.

Need Fixtures and Fittings? The Online Trade Supplier Has you Covered

Trade Prices       

If you are a builder and worry that buying online will result in you paying retail prices, there is no need for concern, as most online suppliers would welcome trade customers as well as the general consumer. In order to receive trade prices, you would have to create a new account on the supplier’s website and enter your business name and address, and also your ABN if you live in Australia, and you should receive approval within 24 hours. There are actually two versions of the website’s many pages, and if you are a trade customer, as soon as you log in, the lower, trade prices would become visible, whereas the regular consumer would only see the retail prices.

Traditional Store Limitations

If you think about it, a traditional building supply company would have a huge yard and covered area, which housed their stock, and the stock would only be limited by the available space in the yard, but with an online supplier, their catalog can be huge, as they do not need to have the retail space for everything they sell. This means you get a much larger range of items for sale and would include things like, fasteners, brackets, threaded rod for sails and shades, and many other important components that might be used in the finishing stages of a construction project. Browsing is a joy, and if the supplier’s website is mobile device compatible, you can place an order at any time, wherever you happen to be.

Same Day Dispatch

Builders always require things as soon as possible, and with the right online supplier, you would receive the same day dispatch, which is ideal, and if you live in Australia, for example, you would likely receive free delivery, depending on the size of the order. You can even have the items delivered to the site, which really saves time, and by planning a well in advance, you can ensure that all your essential fixtures and fittings will arrive in a timely manner.

Online suppliers of building fixtures and fittings can save the local builder a lot of time and money, and with an impressive stocklist, you can order everything you need from a single supplier.

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