A Few Tidbits of Basic Knowledge you Need Before Buying Properties in Singapore

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One of the greatest mindsets promoted by our elders in Singapore is the need to provide a roof over our heads no matter our social circumstances. Someone living on its own it’s usually regarded as a person that has managed some sort of professional success and is often considered an independent person that is capable of providing for himself. This can lead to other milestones that are well regarded by our guardians or parents such as marriage, family etc. Even if our personal goals don’t line up with traditions we can still agree with the fact that having a property under our name is something good and it opens the door to many business opportunities and social stability.

Basic Knowledge you Need Before Buying Properties in Singapore

A few setbacks are always in the way to success, and getting out in the wild to find that prized number one property in Singapore can be quite difficult if we don’t take into account a few basic tidbits of information that are regarded as common knowledge these days. Take a moment to read up what you need to do before diving in the real estate market of our country:


Most of the time we put a lot of pressure on every decision we make. This happens either because we are inexperienced or because we don’t have the proper guidance to face the real estate market. Buying a property is maybe one of the most important decisions in your life. You need to factor every consideration you might have about a property and then some. Always visit more than one project. Take your time to see how far is from your workplace or how accessible is to public transportation. Never sign a deal on the first thing you see, don’t concede to pressure from your family or real estate agents, after all, you will be the one living there.


A novice in real estate always makes easy mistakes when it comes to handling the basic concepts in this market. One of the most common examples is the ones made by people thinking that the price of a property is correlated with the intrinsic value of it. A project could have a prized location with a great sight to the seaside of the country, but if it’s too far away from any sort of amenities the intrinsic value of it is not exactly great. It could also happen that another development could be built in the nearest lot taking the most prominent feature of the property taken away in the second.


This is probably the finest piece of advice offered to you in these lines. As you search for your number one property all over Singapore you will encounter many people and websites offering great deals. The competition in the market certainly is fierce and while there are a few unscrupulous rotten apples ready to make a dollar out of your lack of expertise, a true real estate agent will place their own reputation on the line to offer a good deal based on your budget and requirements. Take your time to learn everything you can about these operators and most important yet, check out their past deals and ask the tough questions to the main sources: their former customers.

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