World Examples of Ideas for Lavish Water and Light Exhibitions

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One of the most lavish types of modern displays is an indoor or outdoor water light show. This type of exhibition can be set up in an auditorium, restaurant, shopping mall, or even an amusement park. Regardless of the weather outside, an indoor water light show can be seen during night or day. Both indoor and outdoor fountain exhibits also feature very low maintenance requirements. Therefore, these shows may run for several months with almost no service needed. Every now and then, a burned out light may need to be replaced.

World Examples of Ideas for Lavish Water and Light Exhibitions

The Fountain in Brunei

You can present an outdoor or indoor water light show as a musical fountain or a fountain with fireworks. However they are set up, they tend to draw large crowds on a consistent basis. For example, one idea for a lavish and colorful fountain can be found in Brunei. This musical fountain is situated in the Jerudong Amusement Park. Various laser shows and holographic cartoons are part of the choreographed water performances. All the shows are complemented with customized colors and lights.

The Lotte World Musical Fountain

Lavish fountain ideas can also be created at great heights. For example, the Lotte World musical fountain in South Korea is the world’s highest indoor fountain. The water exhibit is choreographed to about 15 different pieces of music. An elaborate font is also programmed to form words with water droplets. Two circular water curtains and 50 water jets are arranged in a star formation for added impact.

The World of Colour Display

Any outdoor or indoor water show manufacturer cannot help but admire the World of Colour exhibit at Disney California Adventure. This picturesque fountain show displays over 1,200 individual fountains, with each one shooting water high up into the air. Water, lasers, fire, lighting, and fog are all used to form special effects in sync with music and images. LED lights, which are featured on the Giant Mickey’s Fun Wheel, also work in sync with the water display. A large mist screen that projects images is also incorporated into the presentation.

The Grand Cascade

Another lavish light arrangement is the Grand Cascade, which is located in St. Petersberg, Russia. Indeed, this cascade lives up to its name, as it showcases 200 sculptures and 64 fountain jets that all work in unison and all of these implements are run without pumps. The Grand Cascade was first created for Peter the Great in 1710. A water jet shoots into the air from a lion statue’s open mouth. This particular historical exhibit has been proclaimed as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

You can also find a light and water display in Seoul, Korea. Listed by Guinness as the longest bridge fountain in the world, the Banpo Moonlight Rainbow fountain features 10,000 LED nozzles and 380 jets. The fountain’s water is illuminated by over 200 lights in a kaleidoscopic fashion. The seven colors of the rainbow are featured within the display. The Han River serves as the water source for this beautiful, engaging display.

The Aquanura

The world’s third-biggest water show is located in the Efteling theme park in the Netherlands. The Aquanura displays 200 fountain jets, and it exhibits a play of fire, water, light, and fog, all choreographed with the music of the Brabant Orchestra. Approximately 900 lights and sounds are conveyed to create a world-renowned display.

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