An Introduction To Premium Coworking Spaces In London

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Coworking London can do your business good. With spaces all over London, your business can finally have access to the people and resources it needs to fuel growth. However, finding premium coworking space in London’s extensive listings might be a bit more challenging.

There are spaces that make up West London’s older, established neighbourhoods and then there are spaces that are a part of London’s CBD. Professionals can end their search for premium office space as the serviced office industry has made it very easy for businesses to access really great locations. For more information on premium coworking spaces in London, businesses only need to contact Servcorp and other operators in and around the city.

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Where To Look

While there are hubs all over the city, businesses can begin looking in a few areas before widening their search. Dashwood House is a key location in the London and is located near Parliament, The London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and other notable landmarks. The actual building is 74 metres high and gives visitors and professionals a panoramic view of the city. The actual building is retrofitted with the latest technologies and is rated a five-star outfit, and for good reason. The building is fitted out with the finest furnishings, is well-maintained, and staffed with highly-trained professionals.

However, this is not the only high-profile building that is home to the coworking space. The Cheesegrater or the Leadenhall Building is near Lloyds of London and is considered the tallest building in the city. This building also features first-class interior design and furnishings and includes a wide array of shops, restaurants, and generous public spaces.

If looking to park your business in London’s West End, Devonshire House on Mayfair Place is one of the best locations. This office is located near London’s most well-known streets Piccadilly, Stratton, and Berkeley. While the building is a bit older, it has been retrofitted with the latest technologies, and as always, brings with it first-class décor and staffing.

What To Consider

When looking for a space in these locations, professionals should keep a few things in mind. These are upscale offices and so appropriate dress is of import. While the coworking space does engender creativity within a more relaxed business setting, these locations are upscale and the clientele more sophisticated, so some spaces might include a dress code.

Then, leasing terms are also important. A typical conventional lease would run anywhere between one and seven years, but the coworking space is different because it is workspace with community. The lease with a coworking space might be as short as one month and long as a year, but the concept is easier on a business that might not be sure whether they are going to be in the area permanently.

Businesses should also have an idea of how long they might use the space so that they can plan long-term. As stated, most coworking leases are shorter than your standard lease, which lends itself to easier planning. If you think you might move into other space, look for leasing companies that can also fit your business out with space as your business grows. The scalable coworking lease makes transitioning into a larger space effortless.

Premium Coworking Space In London

Premium space can be found in just about every corner in the city, and these are just a few spaces. However, working in a first-class office space is just one of the many perks a coworking space can give your business. Flesh out how you plan to use the space keeping in mind other considerations that might influence your choice of office.

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