Tips on Promoting Businesses with External Signage

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How do I attract customers to my business? There are several advertising techniques you can use, from placing ads on TV and newspaper to SEO, email marketing, paid-to-click advertising, and others. However, despite the effectiveness of these advertising methods, you should not overlook the importance of external signage, as explained by leading London based large format printing experts

External signs draw attention to your business and direct potential customers towards it. They also help to reinforce the brand image, making it more trustworthy. External signs can also attract a lot of customers in the local market, creating a huge return on a small (advertising) investment.

Therefore, if your business does not use external signs, it is a great time to start designing one. However, before you do so, it is important to know how you can create the best sign that will produce excellent results. Below is a look at some great tips on how you can create and use external signs to promote your business.

  1. Use compelling colors to grab attention

An external sign can only be useful to your business if it grabs the attention of potential customers. One of the best ways to do this is by using compelling colors, discussed here: Colors, especially bright colors, will make your sign conspicuous and visible to the customers you are targeting. Depending on the color you chose, you can also be able to make your brand easily recognizable. For example, red color in Coca Cola brand, yellow in McDonald’s, blue on Facebook, and rainbow colors in Google.

In addition to increasing brand recognition, you can use various colors on your external signs to stimulate emotions in the target audience. For example, you can use blue to create a sense of calmness, trust, and dependability, red to invoke urgency, boldness, and excitement, and yellow to invoke friendliness and cheerfulness. These emotions will not only capture the attention of potential customers, but they will compel them to engage with your brand.

  1. Use contrasting colors for readability

Using colors on your external signs can help to grab the attention of your target audience. Indiscriminate use of colors, however, can have a negative outcome – making parts (or all) of the message on the sign illegible and/or unreadable. Too much use of colors can also be too distracting to the audience. As a result, when designing your sign(s) it is a great idea to use contrast. Read more at:

In external signage, contrast usually involves the use of light and back colors to draw more attention to important bits of the sign. For example, you can use a light background color (say red) and dark font color (such as black) for the business name. Another way you can use contrast is by mixing large and/or bold fonts with small and/or non-bold fronts on the brand message.

  1. Keep the signage consistent with your brand image

External signage is a vital part of your brand image. As a result, when you are designing the sign(s) it is important to ensure that is consistent with your brand image as described by SAS at For example, the sign should feature your business logo (if you have one). The colors you use on the sign should also be consistent with those of your brand. The same should also go for the fonts, graphics, themes, and other visual elements you choose to add to the signs.

Keeping the signage consistent with your brand image helps to offer a lot of benefits, top among them being easy recognition. A consistent image also inspires trust and loyalty among the customers (and potential customers you are targeting).

  1. Keep your sign short and brief

When it comes to external signage, some people might be tempted to display a lot of information – colors, graphics, text, and other visual elements – so as to stand out from other businesses. However, too much visual stimuli will have the opposite of the desired effect. The main reason for this is that the sign targets people who are walking (or driving) near your business. As a result, they will have other things on their plate, and will only have a short time (possibly seconds) to read the sign.

Therefore, the message on your sign should be short and brief, such that it allows the audience to read and understand everything in the short time they have. For example, you can use two or three color schemes – one for the background, one of the business name, and one for the accompanying brand message. You should also make sure that the text message is concise – about 5 to 10 words.

  1. Make the images, graphics, and text memorable

Even with a good business sign, it might still not be as effective as you would like, especially when there are other similar signs around. However, you can overcome this challenge by making sure that your sign stands out and is memorable. A good way to do this is by using creative design solutions, for example: Other examples of creativity in business signage include using unusual colors, creative font designs (italic, calligraphy, cursive, etc.), using mascot images, and so on.

  1. Place the sign in a strategic location

Another key part of external signage is choosing a strategic location. For the best result, you should place the sign in a location where it is easily visible to the people who are near, as well as those who might be a distance away. The sign should also be near high traffic areas – for example, next to the side of the road and streets. On top of that, the sign should be as near as possible to your business. If a single sign cannot be able to meet all the location requirements, you can opt to have two or more signs.

  1. Have a professional design your sign

If you want the best results, it is a good idea to have a professional design your outdoor business sign. A good branding and signage company can help you design your sign – including a business logo if you do not have one. With their help, you can be able to choose the best color schemes and themes, brand message, printing material, and so on. As a result, your sign will be able to stand out and attract more potential customers.


The success of a business relies greatly on the advertising strategy used, and external signage forms an important part of this strategy. These signs are the first thing customers and potential customers see and thus are vital to your business’ brand message. They also direct people to the business location and offer important information such as business hours, contact information, brand message/slogan, etc. However, for a sign to be effective, it must be great. The above tips can help you to create a great sign(s) that will stand out from other business and wow potential customers.

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