How to Choose the Best Conference Venue in Perth

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A lot of preparation goes into organizing a conference—gathering speakers, securing sponsors, and perhaps the most important part, finding and booking a location. Conference centers are often the best option because accommodations, conference rooms, food, and more are all located in one place. This is best for convenience and organization. However, it can be difficult to determine which conference center is best for your event. No matter what the event is, here are a few tips on how to choose the best conference venue in Perth.

Best Conference Venue in Perth


One of the biggest and most important points to consider when booking a venue is to maximize attendance for a successful conference or event. You need to consider the location of most of the potential attendees and find a way to make it most accessible to them. For example, if most of your potential attendees are more than a direct flight away, you’ll lose participants. While you can’t cater to everyone, making sure that the conference is accessible for the majority is best for the event.


While you can choose a location with lodging nearby, the best option is to find a conference center with lodging included in it. That way, you can keep most of your attendees in one place for better meetups, scheduling, and socialization. Overall, conference centers with lodging are usually the best options for most events. When you’re looking for conference venues in Perth, make sure to find the best accommodations for your event.


Consider whether or not the location suits the company or event’s image. It should either add to the event or be neutral enough that it won’t interfere with the event. Also, you’ll need to consider the size and other factors to determine the location’s suitability. Don’t forget to check the acoustics for speakers at the event.


Of course, you’ll need to make sure the conference center is available for booking on your dates. You’ll also need to factor in whether or not those dates are busy since event attendees will be sharing public spaces outside of the conference areas with other guests who are not part of the conference as well.


A budget should be outlined even before you begin to search for a venue. However, you can discuss costs with the venue’s manager to lower the price. Sometimes contracts and agreements may be made to subsidize the price for mutual benefit.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage are another important components of an event. Oftentimes venues like conference centers will have kitchens and restaurants and may also offer catering. If not, you’ll need to inquire about bringing in outside catering. Making sure your attendees are well-fed and hydrated is important for any successful event.


Parking is a big factor when determining an event location. You’ll need to make sure there is ample parking at or near the event center. It is very important that there is secure parking as well, especially when conferences run for a weekend or longer.

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